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Nature’s Care Lawn and Tree

Building relationships is what we do. Serving both residential and commercial customers throughout Salt Lake City, Utah, and its surrounding area, we have been in business since 1995. We are locally owned and treat all customers’ lawns with the same care and compassion as we treat our own.

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Lawn Fertilization

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Allow Nature’s Care to provide your lawn with the appropriate blend of proper minerals and nutrition needed to maintain a durable, healthy lawn. Because fertilizer is like vitamins for your grass, which replenish supplements lost during its growing season, it’s important to work with a professional lawn care company that has the skills, training, and knowledge on the appropriate amounts to use and when. Nature’s Care offers a comprehensive lawn fertilization program for both residential and commercial businesses in Salt Lake City, Utah, and its surrounding communities. Each application can also be purchased individually.

Weed and Disease Control

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Did you know weeds grow faster than grass? They can rob your grass of valuable nutrients and sunlight. Diseases occur on your lawn either due to improper maintenance or a variety of weather elements. At Nature’s Care Lawn & Tree Company, we have the power to eliminate and destroy weeds as well as lawn diseases before they take over your lawn. Nature’s Care understands Salt Lake City lawns and the various diseases and weeds that plague our landscapes. Our trained technicians will gauge your property and propose the best possible solution.

Tree and Shrub Care

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Native to Salt Lake City, Utah, we understand the different problems facing trees and shrubs. Our tree and shrub care program promotes healthy growth, protection from insects and disease, including Utah’s well-known tree damaging bark beetles, and the compassion your lawn plants deserve. It consists of five rounds of treatment including dormant oil and a border control application. Our tree and shrub care program was developed specifically to treat and protect against disease, heat, drought, and other climate stressors and will keep your prized lawn ornaments strong and durable all season long.

Relationships Are Just Nature’s Care Lawn & Tree Company’s Way

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In the business of building relationships, we offer outstanding customer service. You will never have to wait for us, and when you purchase our full lawn fertilization program, you have our money-backed satisfaction guarantee.

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Because a beautiful landscape doesn’t happen by itself, there is Nature’s Lawn and Tree Company.

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